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Forced to Masturbate for College Class?

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Video posted by: TYT University - Contact him if you have any queries
Masturbation... now on your college syllabus. Students were forced to masturbate, write detailed sexual fantasy journals, and reveal details about their sexual past, homosexual experimentation, and other graphic sexual details for their Human Sexuality course, according to a lawsuit. John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian debate whether this lawsuit has merit, on TYT University.
Is this Human Sexuality professor guilty? Or should they let him go? Are any of these requirements acceptable? Are any over the line? Would you have taken a course like this in college? Let us know!
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Comments on this video
great part of life ... ( 2 days ago por shwetank sharma)
great part of life but not there
This is empowering ... ( 2 days ago por Norse Man)
This is empowering the leftist "Free sex" movement. They're really just
perverts who go home and masterbate to what their students write down
I masturbate every ... ( 1 day ago por haris tahir)
I masturbate every day........i am addicted to it....
Nearly everything ... ( 15 hours ago por techmarine83)
Nearly everything the huffington post says is bullshit
In a godless ... ( 12 hours ago por Gerry De naro)
In a godless worldview morality is at best illusory. Most reject the
concept of objective morality and claim that it is a social construct,
merely a by-product of socio-biological evolution. Expressed another way,
immorality is just bucking the herd's idea of morality for personal
pleasure or survival value. But deep down we all have a moral compass, but
some hate the idea that our actions have more consequences than their
immediate effect, that there is some form of ultimate justice.
As philosopher Jean Paul Sartre said, “if there is a God, I am not free.
Since I am free, there fore there is no God.” Perhaps what he really means
is "since I want to be free, therefore I don't want a Moral Law Giver to
DEAR GOD, I knew ... ( 5 hours ago por Chatty Cathy)
DEAR GOD, I knew times were getting bad but how damn ridiculous is this,
That teacher wouldn't have been able to masturbate in private if my child
had been in that class.....disgusting!
People expecting ... ( 3 months ago por Samvel Khutsiyan)
People expecting sexual content on youtube are stupid
I can't stand these ... ( 4 months ago por Ryan Ferretti)
I can't stand these effeminate liberal douche bags. Is there a hint of
testosterone in that entire studio? I'm not talking about Hulk Hogan
football player jock mentality. I'm talking about general masculinity. It
seems like every guy on TYT were raised by their mothers and hung out with
girls in high school.
The fact that ... ( 2 months ago por GamerScienceGeek)
The fact that anyone in their right mind could consider this a legitimate
higher level education class proves that this country is going to s***.
What about the ... ( 2 months ago por Megan green)
What about the school allowing that? Or am I wrong? This is kinda a gray
area idk
GET OVER IT PEOPLE! ... ( 2 months ago por Christopher Feeney)
GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!! If you don't like the class get out of it!!! You have
plenty of time to drop a class before it goes on your record!!! What
happened to freedom of speech? The only reason that old bitch is suing is
because she is insecure about herself!!! Quit suing over stupid shit you
dumb ass haters!!! I love you! HAHA :P
Seriously, what the ... ( 2 months ago por Cowgoesmoo2)
Seriously, what the fuck is up with The Young Turks?
This is just a shit channel, and for some reason people can't see past the
fact that this isn't even legitimate news.
Thumbnail videos that show two retards talking to each other really isn't
that great.
I honestly didn't ... ( 5 months ago por Monster Movie Maniac)
I honestly didn't see any problem with the class. The teacher was just
having fun with the whole "You're going to need to bring a second pair of
pants" and "I'll increase your sexual urges." If kids can't take a joke,
we're living in a world that's WAY too stern. 
thumbnil totally ... ( 2 months ago por Devondre Cousin)
thumbnil totally lead me on
if you be in asia ... ( 1 month ago por xiaospirit)
if you be in asia schools listening those stuffs is super embarasing which
is one thing i feel like is so common
Thumbs down for ... ( 2 months ago por zweihand)
Thumbs down for false thumbnail. Will thumbs-up when the source of that
thumbnail has been provided.
The video's ... ( 4 months ago por Carlos S)
The video's thumbnail is just for views... right? right?
I do NOT want to ... ( 4 months ago por PonygamesPinkiepie)
I do NOT want to explain My sex life to My teacher.... EVER! I don't want
people to know what I do in My bedroom every night! Oh shit did I just give
it away 0_0
who knows when the ... ( 1 week ago por Catrina Botelho)
who knows when the urge just hits you and you have the urge to slip your
hands into your jeans and between your thighs
I'm not sure anyone ... ( 3 weeks ago por David Hereaux)
I'm not sure anyone noticed but, the sign on the door said, **SEX CLASS**.
Holy Fucking Shit, ... ( 1 week ago por Christopher Brown)
Holy Fucking Shit, who ever Sub-Titled this is a 'RETARD', if you
Sub-Titled this, you do 'not' deserve to be around normal people, could you
seriously not write down what was clearly being said, then you really need
to go back to pre-school (you know what, not even that, if your vocabulary
is this bad, you ether are A: a foreigner who does not speak english, or B:
a retarded person)
god, people are ... ( 3 months ago por yynnmmbb)
god, people are such fucking soft pussies. grow up, realize what you signed
up for.
yo, TOTAL GUILTY, ... ( 1 week ago por Justin Zhou)

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