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Forced to Masturbate for College Class?

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Masturbation... now on your college syllabus. Students were forced to masturbate, write detailed sexual fantasy journals, and reveal details about their sexual past, homosexual experimentation, and other graphic sexual details for their Human Sexuality course, according to a lawsuit. John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian debate whether this lawsuit has merit, on TYT University.
Is this Human Sexuality professor guilty? Or should they let him go? Are any of these requirements acceptable? Are any over the line? Would you have taken a course like this in college? Let us know!
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Comments on this video
I'm really quite ... ( 1 week ago por Mary Vanorskie)
I'm really quite unnerved by the extent of hate speech into which the
discussion of this topic of obvious professorial misstep has seemingly
inexplicably deteriorated in the previously posted comments through which I
am having the very distinct misfortune of reading here this morning. Where
the hell does religious affiliation or the matter of homosexuality come
into play here? And wtf is going on with all the oddly placed negative
remarks about the social sciences and whole damned groups of people who
aren't even mentioned at all before someone decided to bash a segment of
the population out of left field because that gets their bigoted ass rocks
off for some sadistic, fuckshit, ignorant and poison-heavy reason? Get
mental health treatment for your soul disorder and decency deficiencies,
for this type of energy-dampening contribution to a meeting of ideas or
whatever the hell you would call this higher level education
bashing-riddled bully-overwrought half-assed debate that has devolved into
the ramblings of pretentious, rude and anti-tolerance mentality holding
asshole folks in a fashion which bewilders me and defies all logic, just
flowing into a hate pool for no reason, this type of contribution to
societal discourse will leave its perpetrators pretty fucking maladjusted
and detested in their actions by any knowledgeable and bright-hearted
modern persons. It's not on topic, appropriate or factual in nature. For
real. Maybe etiquette refresher courses as mandatory tutorials for adult
citizens are in order? Is a little civility and common decency expected of
one's peers too much to ask? This is a question of possible instructor
impropriety, and it's somehow an invitation for some people to just unleash
the most obscene anti-whatever hate rants. Straight up non sequitur.
Instead of polluting the think tank underway here, those of us who have
bigotdiarrhea of the keyboard usage/technological extension of the language
centers of the brain variety should engage in some self-examination...
because the underlying causes of your profound unhappiness and outwardly
directed abusive sentiments (which you have made undeniably clear are like
a sort of demented default setting in the words of wisdom shared with the
followers here of this particular thread) are going to harm you above all
others whom you will loathe and attack in some failure of an attempt at
proving your own fallacy of superiority to people who may be angered or
offended by some of the unwarranted comments you'll make but who will
ultimately know you're a closed-minded anachronism who is far from
enlightenment at this stage. Nobody is threatened or impressed.
our teacher used to ... ( 1 week ago por ufewl)
our teacher used to do this all the time, well he did until he went to jail
Mom: So, how was ... ( 5 days ago por Mario Ramos)
Mom: So, how was school?
Me: Good, I FAPPED.
Mom: O_o 
I jerk off eveyday  ( 5 days ago por Jesus Christ)
I jerk off eveyday 
heh i shouldve ... ( 1 week ago por Jeff Cockmann)
heh i shouldve known it was those stupid fucking morons young turks, with
their misleading video titles and caption.. fuck them
32 MILLION VIEWS ... ( 1 week ago por RO PROSPER)
Obama urges kids to ... ( 1 week ago por Glen Cauthon)
Obama urges kids to go to college. :O
Masturbation... now on your college syllabus. Students were forced to
masturbate, write detailed sexual fantasy journals, and reveal details
about their sexual past, homosexual experimentation, and other graphic
sexual details for their Human Sexuality course, according to a lawsuit.
John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian debate whether this lawsuit has merit, on
TYT University.
Is this Human Sexuality professor guilty? Or should they let him go? Are
any of these requirements acceptable? Are any over the line? Would you have
taken a course like this in college? Let us know!
So what big deal ... ( 18 hours ago por Nemanja Kotruc)
So what big deal Masturbating it's a good thing 
i want to take this ... ( 1 week ago por Brandon Serenil)
i want to take this course….i would have given every student a number and
turn assignments in anonymously your number would be in my grade book then
at the end of the semester give me your name
Array ( 2 weeks ago por Ghost Erik)
Hegelian Dialectics at work here! This is controlled social engineering:
Thesis: the news article complaining about the ridiculous sexualizing
Antithesis: the 50 shades of gray "listen to your heart" whore
Synthesis: the jerk off intellectual succumbing to the attention whore's
will, forsaking his initial judgment. Do not identify yourself with this
guy, because that is why they put him there! This is how "they"
subliminally indoctrinate the masses to their $atanic way of thinking.
Correct synthesis:
"If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to
stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around
theiry neck and they were thrown into the sea." - Mark 9:42
Thumb up this comment so more people see it and wake up from "the Matrix".
God bless!
Get your Kids out ... ( 3 weeks ago por Oskadella69)
Get your Kids out of School, Pedophiles and Gays and these two aren't much
better. Fkin Trendies will pretty much go with all this while pretending to
be giving a balanced talk. While being young and hip. Wish these freaks
would stop coming up on my news feed. 
In America we are ... ( 2 weeks ago por The peace maker)
In America we are just far to sexually closed up and I consider this to be
very logical study of individual sexuality.
It also allows the students to open up and discover themselves more
sexually. If you deeply think about your sexual fantasies, exploits and
masturbation it gives you a deeper profile of who you are sexually and how
the world ether judges or approves of that and why that's ether good or bad.
Our society in generally is far too sexually repressed which is why you see
so many teen pregnancies in western worlds or religious populations because
these people haven't deeply though about them self's sexually and explored
their own sexual desires.
I hate these people ... ( 3 months ago por Steven Paul)
I hate these people, how did I get here I was looking fro pranks.
Don't Christians ... ( 1 month ago por SUPR3ME N3WB)
Don't Christians believe masturbating makes you go blind?
I'm sure I've heard that somewhere on the internet before.
Not sure if it is true or false. Can somebody please tell me?
damn prudes. lol. ... ( 3 months ago por Estevan Martinez)
damn prudes. lol. what good are those classes if you don't push the
envelope a little. maybe a bit messed up when asking about personal past
sexual experiences and ages of when deflowered. anything else is free game.
u can refuse to participate or answer if u rather not
This is so wrong! ... ( 2 weeks ago por Jennifer Pruitt)
This is so wrong! Masturbation is a private thing and leave it at
that....If my kid was asked to do it in class, straight to the principal
and police! 
I don't understand ... ( 4 months ago por JayBirge)
I don't understand what the guy is guilty of??? It's a human sexuality
college class, what did this student think he was going ask them study??? I
wonder if she would signed up for a figure drawing class, would she freak
out what parts they had draw even though THEY HER BEFORE SIGNING UP!!!
And I know this TYT chick is ditzy and she makes arguments that don't
follow logic, but she is a looker so not many guys are going to call her
out so she is likely never checked on her bullshit. So I
understand.......... Why is some fictional political career a valid reason
not to explore who you might actually be sexually??? Because your
aspirations might need you to be an outright liar one day kids you
shouldn't do anything I would ashamed of even if it actually interest you.
Being shamed for things that don't matter to anyone but you and your spouse
is a terrible addiction of this countries politic, nice to know ditzy is
such a filthy slut she couldn't entertaining being respected if you knew
her history or fantasies.
yo, TOTAL GUILTY, ... ( 6 months ago por Justin Zhou)
This is beyond what ... ( 1 week ago por Dozerfleet Studios)
This is beyond what I've heard before. Teachers in sexuality courses have
long known how to convince students to psychoanalyze which face types
they're attracted to, and try to assign reasons behind why they find xyz
trait attractive.
But telling them to get off and keep a journal of what they think of when
doing it? That's crossing quite a few lines. Besides, if he really wanted
to read every disturbed sex fantasy in existence, there are fanfiction
websites out there that will do that.
Omfg you ppl are so ... ( 1 month ago por loand Rosso)
Omfg you ppl are so stupid I fucking hate when ppl walking a place that
saids you will get hit in the face if you enter then go in anyway n try and
sue. How stupid are , is fucking college where you go to explore diffrents
ideals n challenge your own by expressing them. That lady is a fucking
moron for taking a class that clearly every one knows what is about. This
class is not force on you. If you don't want to you don't have to take it n
could go fucking learn French or joga or relegion there are a lot of
different options. Ppl who take this glass want to be more sexual n learn
more about how it affects ppl . That's the Wii point of the glass but they
tell all of this in the descriptions of the glass n other students who took
it before. So y giving take it if know what the fuck Is about n then try
and sue n fuck it up for everyone else who actually want to take the glass
and explore there sexuality is my choice just like is your choice not to
want to explore it n keep it private your not being force. I hate ppl who
just because they don't like something they think no one should have it.
Masturbation is a ... ( 2 months ago por Mormon The Prophet)
Masturbation is a serious sin it is un moral and abomination in the eyes of
the Lord and those who don't stop and repent will one day perish with the
wicked because they are wicked. homosexuality is also the sin of the ages
and many will perish or be put to death.... America society is wicked and
this nation needs to repent and stop living in their sins or else they will
die in their sins and suffer for internality ....
Humans are sexual ... ( 2 months ago por rockhaze)
Humans are sexual creatures, why can't we all just shut up and have sex?
Like I am surprised ... ( 5 months ago por Sinisbal)
Like I am surprised by this? All homo propaganda bullshitters trying to
push the whole world into their own perversion. Of course their main attack
was kids. First the Bibles out of schools so that there is no more moral
compass and then second, all power onto sexual feelings and how mighty they
are- all geared to enslave kids to feelings and never reach their maturity
and self control. That way teens become more prone to go to bed with anyone.
Perverts and bigots, who shout "don't tell us how to live!" yet those same
people push and shove their agenda onto the whole world AND on top of that
they show us their real love by stomping on any opinion that does not hold
the finger in their ass.
Good, good, what goes around comes around.

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