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Loose Women: Danny Dyer Interview (27.04.09)

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Video posted in Youtube by: x7tinkerbell7x - Contact him if you have any queries

Loose ladies Jackie Brambles, Coleen Nolan, Carol McGiffin & Sherrie Hewson chat to Carol's old crush Danny Dyer.

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Comments on this video
I have to say ,city ... ( 5 years ago por cheeseburger71)
I have to say ,city rats is dogshit.
loose women thought ... ( 4 years ago por mrralvintwerp)
loose women thought danny had lingerie hairstyle see through what a diamond
omg. fiiiiiitttt!!!! ( 5 years ago por RiotZone121)
omg. fiiiiiitttt!!!!
ALLO GIRLS! ( 5 years ago por tribune007)
@gersfan109 He's a ... ( 4 years ago por spliffster123)
@gersfan109 He's a shit actor and a cunt to boot.
what an ass hole he ... ( 4 years ago por MrBalls099)
what an ass hole he never painted trains ARSE HOOLLEE
I dont care what ... ( 4 years ago por Sala Manda)
I dont care what anyone else says, I fuckin love Danny Dyer.
omg danny dyer is ... ( 5 years ago por xxkyliexxmm)
omg danny dyer is soooooooooooooooo fit he is welcome in my bed any time
Sorry I don't have ... ( 5 years ago por x7tinkerbell7x)
Sorry I don't have that episode.
do u have the clip ... ( 5 years ago por Eimear7)
do u have the clip where they're talking about that game & coleen says that
her and ray are awful at it...?
@theanonymy most ... ( 3 years ago por scarred10)
@theanonymy most men can see hes completely fake wanabee hardman.I cant
think why anyone would want to be like him apart from having his money.
you can tell even ... ( 5 years ago por peter K)
you can tell even HE KNOWS it was a shit film. SERIOUSLY that film he is on
about is THE WORST EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR film seriously!. he knows it.
coleen am in an old ... ( 4 years ago por louiseema1)
coleen am in an old relationship she in a new one love her lolx carol face
when they kissed nooooo lol xx loved thats for the up load xx
oh god wished i cud ... ( 5 years ago por loveleigh3)
oh god wished i cud get a kiss of him!!!! lucky ladies!
Such a cunt! ( 5 years ago por Fwadizio)
Such a cunt!
danny dyer is top ... ( 5 years ago por geoff door)
danny dyer is top man and he's gonna be appearing in my feature film about
ghost hunters its gonna be well funny ...lots of swearing and more swearing
Woop! So glad you ... ( 5 years ago por jackieeemcdonald)
Woop! So glad you put this one up :) The look on Carol's face when he
kissed Coleen haha x
@spliffster123 I ... ( 4 years ago por Sivert Moe)
@spliffster123 I agree with DTX85, why the hell are you watching this if
you think so? Danny Dyer is amazing, he's hilarious, and he's a really
talented host & actor. Fuck you.
Dyer = Ugly, ... ( 5 years ago por FrankClanton)
Dyer = Ugly, balding, talentless mockney twat.
Scorsese Spillberg, ... ( 5 years ago por melmouth wilde)
Scorsese Spillberg, Lean none of which went to Thanet College
yh im a big danny ... ( 5 years ago por toxic2k7)
yh im a big danny dyer fan but city rats was a big load of shit, they sed
it was like "pulp fiction" and his best performance was bollucks
@elitedonk I take ... ( 4 years ago por diggerproud1)
@elitedonk I take it you're either a fag or a woman? pmsl, ur a joke either
Danny Dyer is my ... ( 5 years ago por Annie S)
Danny Dyer is my secret celeb crush... his cockiness is definitely
attractive! Kinda reminds me of my ex!

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