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Dark Souls. How to do the Infinite Soul Glitch! Version 1.05. [Patched on PtD]

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Video posted by: NightmareAWL - Contact him if you have any queries
So this is the Dragon Headstone Glitch which used to be globally available BEFORE Patch 1.05 was done. Well people have figured out a way to make it work AFTER the Patch, and I am simply spreading the love, would you care to do the same with a Like, Sub and a Fave?
Note: This will take all of the challenge, farming and fun out of the game so perform at your own risk. I also never used this while making the Walkthrough Commentary on my noob. I think its obvious that I didn't if you watch the Series already.
Why not check out how to dupe Souls for potentially infinite amounts on Demons Souls:

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Comments on this video
Not that I know so ... ( 1 year ago por NightmareAWL)
Not that I know so far, no.
:) so glad this ... ( 1 year ago por skatecboy45)
:) so glad this still works.
I did find the DRAK ... ( 1 year ago por soviet boss)
I did find the DRAK file saves however they are in HEX. I suppose if I used
a hex editor that could do the trick
Possibly. They will ... ( 1 year ago por NightmareAWL)
Possibly. They will be getting it all sorted for the Prepare to Die edition.
So you can do this ... ( 1 year ago por Armando Corrales)
So you can do this even though its patched and without deleting anything ?
This is sad.:c Is ... ( 1 year ago por DaleDystopiq)
This is sad.:c Is it patched as of now with the 1.06 update?:C
OR the Cloranthy ... ( 1 year ago por NightmareAWL)
OR the Cloranthy Ring. Stamina Regen so your Stamina Bar wont deplete.
Is it really ... ( 1 year ago por negiWDJr)
Is it really patched? It's been tested as of 1.06?
Like I said, its ... ( 1 year ago por NightmareAWL)
Like I said, its all about timing. 110% timing.
hey since its ... ( 1 year ago por t3hdude)
hey since its patched now, cant you just delete the patch, do the glitch
and then re-install the patch?
twisting my words ... ( 1 year ago por GBWiz)
twisting my words much? i didn't say for EVERY single person who has ever
bought the game, srsly dont twist my words just to suit ur bullshit
argument. come back with a legitimate comment after taking this into
account and i will maybe listen to u, till then you are nothing but a
worthless scumbag....
Yeah. Honesty, I ... ( 1 year ago por NightmareAWL)
Yeah. Honesty, I have beaten the game (both Demons and Dark Souls) so many
times that I can basically run through it seriouly with no deaths in a few
hours, that I use my time to try and find cool new things to do. Be it
making a Smough and Ornstein Build, Havel, Solaire, A Castlevania Build,
Lautrec and even Gwyn, just to name a few. I have Platinum Trophied this
game on three seperate PSN Accounts and have racked up at least 400+ Hours
total. I use the glitch to find fun things and enjoy it :D
I love you. ( 1 year ago por slaughterWitlaughter)
I love you.
I have been trying ... ( 11 months ago por Parkour Phoenix)
I have been trying so many time but it dos not work :'( I just do as you do
but I can't make it right... So please help :)
if you hold grass ... ( 1 year ago por Kyroclos)
if you hold grass crest sheild while you use this glitch your stamina will
not decrese and this can do even you use old patch (may be 1.04) my brother
discorverd this before I watch this video
question: why do ... ( 1 year ago por 345lol345)
question: why do you need the grass crest shield?
is there a way to ... ( 1 year ago por foee)
is there a way to do it in Prepare to Die Edition then?
this is mainly used ... ( 1 year ago por tingtongfromtongting)
this is mainly used for making PVP builds faster as most of the players are
not interested in putting hours of time to farm the souls lol
you don't need to ... ( 1 year ago por WithFireIDance)
you don't need to delete the save data, just the game data. you WILL need
to start a new game, though
does this still ... ( 1 month ago por Jeremy Bolt)
does this still work?
I've had 7mil legit ... ( 5 months ago por tyler balfour)
I've had 7mil legit... i was sl240.
Does this still ... ( 5 months ago por Blackbelt3399)
Does this still work?

Even if I delete ... ( 1 month ago por Austin Lenten)
Even if I delete the system catch and start the game it says " Save file
version differs from game version" anyone know how to get around this?

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