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1. Kauai • Hawaii, USA

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Video posted in Youtube by: 100PlacesToRemember - Contact him if you have any queries

We have selected 100 unique places on Earth that are projected to
undergo profound changes within the next few generations.
We based our selection of the 100 places on the 4th Assessment
Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
Simply by drawing attention to the beauty of these places, 100 Places to
Remember Before they Disappear creates an argument to preserve
The 100 Places we have chosen to highlight, and the people who
live in them, are in serious danger because of rising sea levels, rising
temperatures and extreme weather events triggered by climate change.
Among ambassadors are Joss Stone, Desmund Tutu for more info visit
Hawaiian Honeycreepers Hiding in the Clouds
High in the cloud forests, where the climate is cool, live the beautiful and colourful Hawaiian honeycreepers. These rare birds use their long, downward-curved bills to sip nectar from flowers, hovering like hummingbirds and emitting a variety of sounds, from nasal squeaks to clear, flutelike calls.
The species of honeycreeper that is endemic to Hawaii lives at an elevation above 1,500 metres where the climate is too cool for mosquitoes to survive. Most of the Hawaiian honeycreepers are only 10-13 cm long and weigh no more than eight grams. They are extremely vulnerable to diseases like avian malaria.
The Hawaiian cloud forests make up one of the ecosystems that is most at risk due to climate change. Relatively small shifts in patterns could cause major local changes, putting the islands distinct ecosystems under pressure.
Deforestation and non-indigenous species like pigs and goats have decimated the honeycreepers habitat in recent years, and it is now an endangered species. With the projected rise in temperatures, mosquitoes are likely to gain a foothold at higher elevations in the Kauai mountains, slowly driving the honeycreeper to extinction.

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Comments on this video
Have you guys ever ... ( 4 years ago por Soreo8)
Have you guys ever thought that God (or the concept of it) is us? so many
people think of God as this one magnificent supreme being that wants good
for everyone If we want to make a better world, we all have to put in the
effort to stop such changes. The fact that you all become super "realistic"
and tell yourselves there's nothing to do about such problems is so untrue;
the true reality is that we have the power to influence fate if it is a
group effort. Just my two cents.
@OPOCHKA read the ... ( 4 years ago por cherd12)
@OPOCHKA read the bible you might learn something. god knows whats gonna
happen already, he knows that humans are destroying the planet, thats why
there will be a rapture... everything the bible has said is becoming true.
Hawaii is not a ... ( 4 years ago por iphone1)
Hawaii is not a country its a state of the USA
THE US GOVERNMENT ... ( 4 years ago por natedogg4702)
They are also lies. ... ( 5 years ago por DRWatchmen)
They are also lies. Propaganda-lies.
@Soreo8 Good point ... ( 4 years ago por Joe Miller)
@Soreo8 Good point i like your thoughts.
@natedogg4702 They ... ( 4 years ago por seattlehawkins)
@natedogg4702 They would starve in 6 months! they have turned into Niggers,
this is number one. ... ( 5 years ago por settlefornothink)
this is number one... omfg... save some fokin bird in hawaii?? wtf?
@Dice3000 LOL ( 3 years ago por Captain SomeoneSomwhere)
@Dice3000 LOL
of course we should ... ( 1 year ago por Nawsheen Baichoo)
of course we should save them b'cuz they r also useful to us
There may or may ... ( 4 years ago por f1r9a4c9is)
There may or may not be a God but I don't want to be wrong on my last day !
people, take a look ... ( 3 years ago por farizghazali)
people, take a look at this.. The Man-made Global Warming Hoax
this is a good ... ( 2 years ago por Kylie Elliott)
this is a good video if u're doing geography
fuck global warming ... ( 5 years ago por skoolis4retards)
fuck global warming, i stopped beliving in it when it snowed in texas.
global warming is bs.
Too cold for ... ( 4 years ago por shooter348)
Too cold for mosquitos to survive? I've seen mosquitos thriving at
altitudes of over 10,000 feet where nightly temps routinely fall below
Of the 80 species ... ( 2 years ago por Tim Upham)
Of the 80 species of native Hawaiian birds, 21 are found on Kauai only.
There are 300 species of flowering plants found on Kauai only, and 47% of
the flowering plants in Hawaii are found on the island of Kauai only. The
island of Kauai is indeed a hotspot of biodiversity, not just for Hawaii,
but for the entire world.
These videos only ... ( 4 years ago por sabashsabash)
These videos only do the following: 1. define an "obvious" problem/issue,
2. uses a catchy phrase "turn solutions into actions", and 3. then moves on
to the next obvious problem/issue ... It doesn't provide a solution. WHAT
is the solution to the challenges the world is facing? Climate change is a
global issue. HOW to deal with it? Typical marketing journalism with no
substance at all.
because god isnt ... ( 5 years ago por T1carus)
because god isnt real
@skoolis4retards ... ( 4 years ago por Joe Miller)
@skoolis4retards You are a jackass. This commit is totally irrelevant.
Man all of these ... ( 5 years ago por TheSoundDepo)
Man all of these videos are depressing.
lol, so true. ( 5 years ago por Type59)
lol, so true.
this guys voice is ... ( 4 years ago por Greg Cuthbert)
this guys voice is badass!
Array ( 1 year ago por Wikimapia)
Kauai, Hawaii, USA
#Wikimapia #WikiPlaces #Hawaii #USA #Kauai #Nature

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