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Birmingham Town Centre, 1964 - UK

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Video posted by: km6nab - Contact him if you have any queries
An 8mm home movie from 1964, showing the Bull Ring, New Street and Corporation Street as they were then. Enjoy!

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Comments on this video
champagne ... ( 9 months ago por mike pike)
champagne socialists will destroy liberal democracy
Somebody had great ... ( 5 months ago por Geoff Astle)
Somebody had great foresight to record some of this. The images must have
been mundane at the time but now it is a fantastic record.
Fabulous quality ... ( 2 months ago por Paul Walsh)
Fabulous quality from half a century ago. Great seeing the old Midland Red
TheSymCard@ stop ... ( 4 weeks ago por trippy119)
TheSymCard@ stop trying to sound clever & smart because you're not, you
come across a very patronizing, obnoxious little shit
but 51 goes to ... ( 3 months ago por Daveycrocket16)
but 51 goes to Walsall!!!
I was born in ... ( 3 months ago por troikagirl)
I was born in Birmingham, and remember these images very well....I always
thought it was a dump!
But to be fair, it is much nicer now and is getting better by the month.
If you get chance, then visit the new Central's absolutely
beautiful and is the biggest in Europe. The new Bull Ring shopping centre
is wonderful, and the icing on the cake will be next year when the new "New
Street railway station" opens along with it's ultra modern shops.
The city centre's new Tram System will be operating next year also.
Did you notice how slim the women were, compared to todays fatties! (sorry
ladies, but it's true).
now it just full of ... ( 3 weeks ago por Nichola Parkes)
now it just full of thieving scum
the kid staring at ... ( 3 months ago por Alemco Don)
the kid staring at the camera at 2:25 is hilarious - he must be the local
gangster of the day thinking is "yo, are these undercover feds cracking
down on my crack dealing?'.
What a concrete ... ( 2 months ago por Antony Andrews)
What a concrete shitehole the Bullring development was. I don't miss it.
This is excellent ... ( 4 months ago por kevkonk)
This is excellent indeed, thank you for uploading.
Made me very ... ( 4 months ago por Zena Schtyk)
Made me very nostalgic for my youth - I was sweet 16
Brilliant! Brings ... ( 2 months ago por atlantic1952)
Brilliant! Brings back the good old days of less traffic and great shops!
i've been linving ... ( 4 months ago por Jesús Toscano)
i've been linving here for only 2 months but seeing this is really
Oh wow my dad was ... ( 3 months ago por Katreena Bains)
Oh wow my dad was born in 1965 year later, omg house of Fraser is still the
same, I'm 29 years old but was 21 when I used to work for house of Fraser,
I bumped into a very very old lady who said she worked for house of Fraser
years ago. House of Fraser is very old inside the staff toilets and locker
rooms are still the same, good old days 
Its amazing to see ... ( 4 months ago por Andrew Fitzgerald)
Its amazing to see that film and wonder how many of those folks are still
alive & kicking now..most of the youngest kids seen on there must be in
their fifties now...scary really when you think about it..time marches on
relentlessly and waits for no one...
great to see the old double decker buses I went to senior school on one of
these in the seventies...the fare was 2p (new pence) amazing as if...
Didn't people dress ... ( 1 month ago por Solange Scribe)
Didn't people dress nicely back then? Very nice movie and love the
classical piano music background. Nice "breather" from today's scene.
Born Birmingham ... ( 3 months ago por Methodistical)
Born Birmingham 1954 ... remember it well
Looks like a ... ( 1 month ago por KronaTithers)
Looks like a different place.
Love these old ... ( 2 months ago por Paul david)
Love these old films....great quality thanx for uploading !...******
Great !!! Thank you ... ( 4 months ago por blexfort)
Great !!! Thank you!!! And thank you for Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto no.1,
mov.3!!!!! I Adore it!!! And B'ham!!!
Imagine what WHITE ... ( 1 week ago por Marion Pierce)
Imagine what WHITE GENOCIDE would be like.
You would have to flood ALL & ONLY White countries with millions of
Then you would have to demoralise Whites by screaming the R-word at them if
they objected.
Then you would have to pass laws to FORCE integrate all those non-whites
into every facet of White society.
Then you would have to…oh wait. This is already happening!
Diversity is just a GENOCIDAL SCAM!
Anti-racist is a code for anti-White
I had no idea that ... ( 1 month ago por redmilkfloat)
I had no idea that the Bull Ring was that old...
I spent a lot of time in Brum in the mid 90s, and it still looked pretty
much the same then. I haven't been up there for about 15 years now. I
expect it's changed somewhat... 
If you change the ... ( 1 week ago por SperoPatria)
If you change the people you change the culture.

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