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The Tantrums - Best Rock Band

Birmingham Town Centre, 1964 - UK

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Video posted by: km6nab - Contact him if you have any queries
An 8mm home movie from 1964, showing the Bull Ring, New Street and Corporation Street as they were then. Enjoy!

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Comments on this video
my God, so ... ( 6 months ago por kata hati)
my God, so different
people dressed much ... ( 5 months ago por Slayyyer84)
people dressed much better back then. and everything was
Yeah, I'm not ... ( 7 months ago por redmilkfloat)
Yeah, I'm not actually filming you, ya twatt... @ 2:26
The Rotunda was ... ( 5 months ago por mal334455)
The Rotunda was completed in 1965 so this was almost certainly the last
stages of it
I'm sure I can ... ( 7 months ago por redmilkfloat)
I'm sure I can remember these market stalls being there in the 90s... @ 4:12

#UKtourism, Always ... ( 3 months ago por Simon Edgbaston)
#UKtourism, Always been a nice city :) #BirminghamUK :)
If you change the ... ( 6 months ago por SperoPatria)
If you change the people you change the culture.
I have such vivid ... ( 6 months ago por Desi Corcoran)
I have such vivid memories of Brum as a youth in those days, this was pain
in the stomach nostalgic. I half expected to spot Ghosts of family and long
gone friends on each corner. Went to school down in Digbeth and often
played truant around the bull ring aah memories!
my girlfriend just ... ( 2 months ago por Tony Smith)
my girlfriend just caught me watching this. She is disappointed im not
watching porn!
Excellent video. I ... ( 2 months ago por Pantoufle Rocco)
Excellent video. I was five at this time. Would love to see the Sixties
No fat people! Is ... ( 2 months ago por walmleyman)
No fat people! Is that because we did not have the American plague of KFC
and McDonalds?
How nice it looked ... ( 2 months ago por mark britton)
How nice it looked then compared to today - nowadays, it's full of
foreigners, tramps and chavs
Those people who ... ( 5 months ago por Adi B)
Those people who are commenting things like Asians and blacks have taken
over well I just want to say one thing. What about USA, Australia, New
Zealand, South Africa, Canada and so on. Was those originally while people
countries, NO as the whiles killed most of the local people can took it
over. While people have been migrating to other countries and places for a
long time. Now it is the other way around and you are angry. Well I am sure
the red Indians didn't like their land being totally taken over by
Europeans. I am just saying stop judging people because of their colour and
just think of them as British.
how nice and ... ( 5 months ago por Robert Gee)
how nice and pleasent it looked then pre mussies.
shame of this ... ( 2 weeks ago por Geany Versace)
shame of this country this Indian city destroyed this country and black
i am a british born ... ( 1 month ago por JImmy)
i am a british born and i am a pakistani, fact is i was born here i grew up
here, and most likely i will live here for the rest of my life. if anyone
don't like it they can go fuck them selves, those days are gone when white
people could over power Black and Asian, now we black and asians dont take
that shit anymore, we throw it back in your face and will say to you ''is
that all you got''. my point is, Black, Asian, White, Red, Blue, Green
etc... what ever the colour it should not affect anyone,obviously there are
stupid prick Black and asian people who are the racist type, but you get
those type of people all over the country and the world. not all of us are
like that, many of us just want to work, pay our bills/taxes live with our
family and kids. we just want to live the peaceful life, that is what life
is about. at the end of the day we are all human, we bleed the same colour
blood, and we all have hearts that beat in the same way,
so for all those haters out there if you can't accept us then you can go
and fuck yourselves and go live in a land that is colourless.
"The past is a ... ( 3 weeks ago por Keith Bate)
"The past is a foreign country they do things differently there" ( Hartley
= The go between)
It actually looks ... ( 2 weeks ago por prankster1590)
It actually looks like england!
Indians have ... ( 2 weeks ago por Geany Versace)
Indians have destroyed this country are the people dirty bleahhh!!!
At 0.36 into the ... ( 1 week ago por WoodWurks)
At 0.36 into the video, I see a 'C' registered car. (AFC 164C) 'A'
registered cars were for 1963. C reg would therefore be 1965... So this
would have to be post 1965, yes? Just nit-picking really, 'cos it's a great
video. Thanks. (A Brummie!)
{{3}} ( 1 week ago por Birmingham Midlands)
Birmingham is still ... ( 1 month ago por feltum)
Birmingham is still lovely (if you like Pakistanis/Indians, Somalis,
Blacks, Poles..........and not forgetting our own chav scum!!)
Old Birmingham ... ( 3 months ago por Victoria M)
Old Birmingham looked much better than the new. Now Birnminghan is a trash
city full of violent-looking very aggressive ill manned people who can only
bark, do not know how to behave.

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