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The Tantrums - Best Rock Band

Birmingham Town Centre, 1964 - UK

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Video posted by: km6nab - Contact him if you have any queries
An 8mm home movie from 1964, showing the Bull Ring, New Street and Corporation Street as they were then. Enjoy!

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Comments on this video
Those people who ... ( 8 months ago por Adi B)
Those people who are commenting things like Asians and blacks have taken
over well I just want to say one thing. What about USA, Australia, New
Zealand, South Africa, Canada and so on. Was those originally while people
countries, NO as the whiles killed most of the local people can took it
over. While people have been migrating to other countries and places for a
long time. Now it is the other way around and you are angry. Well I am sure
the red Indians didn't like their land being totally taken over by
Europeans. I am just saying stop judging people because of their colour and
just think of them as British.
"The past is a ... ( 3 months ago por Keith Bate)
"The past is a foreign country they do things differently there" ( Hartley
= The go between)
i am a british born ... ( 4 months ago por JImmy)
i am a british born and i am a pakistani, fact is i was born here i grew up
here, and most likely i will live here for the rest of my life. if anyone
don't like it they can go fuck them selves, those days are gone when white
people could over power Black and Asian, now we black and asians dont take
that shit anymore, we throw it back in your face and will say to you ''is
that all you got''. my point is, Black, Asian, White, Red, Blue, Green
etc... what ever the colour it should not affect anyone,obviously there are
stupid prick Black and asian people who are the racist type, but you get
those type of people all over the country and the world. not all of us are
like that, many of us just want to work, pay our bills/taxes live with our
family and kids. we just want to live the peaceful life, that is what life
is about. at the end of the day we are all human, we bleed the same colour
blood, and we all have hearts that beat in the same way,
so for all those haters out there if you can't accept us then you can go
and fuck yourselves and go live in a land that is colourless.
Seems more like ... ( 2 months ago por thrippleton)
Seems more like last year than fifty years ago! Where does the time go?
Learn from this to enjoy every minute of your life because it's not for
No fat people! Is ... ( 5 months ago por walmleyman)
No fat people! Is that because we did not have the American plague of KFC
and McDonalds?
A smashing film, ... ( 2 months ago por Wayne W)
A smashing film, some great cars and buses. Not a single overweight person
How nice it looked ... ( 5 months ago por mark britton)
How nice it looked then compared to today - nowadays, it's full of
foreigners, tramps and chavs
I see Ozzie ... ( 5 months ago por psycoticbastard)
I see Ozzie Osbourne as a child ;)
shame of this ... ( 3 months ago por Geany Versace)
shame of this country this Indian city destroyed this country and black
Ah, the Birmingham ... ( 2 months ago por Gary Walton)
Ah, the Birmingham I know and love. Just look at the people - or so happy.
Look at the people now. Spot the difference? I got quite dewy-eyed looking
at that. Thank you for posting. It was wonderful.
WHEN BRITAIN WAS ... ( 1 month ago por Huw Jones)
how nice and ... ( 8 months ago por Robert Gee)
how nice and pleasent it looked then pre mussies.
Contrary to the ... ( 1 month ago por baldieman64)
Contrary to the historical revisionism of the BBC and other television
content providers, there was barely a black face to be seen anywhere in
Britain prior to the 1970's.
There are certainly none to be seen here.
Birmingham looks ... ( 2 months ago por Ammar Ali)
Birmingham looks way better then now .. Fukn shitwhole nw
If you change the ... ( 9 months ago por William Joyce)
If you change the people you change the culture.
i've lived here all ... ( 2 months ago por MaximusJohal)
i've lived here all my life, hate it, its just a copy of all cities now...
people use to be polite and now its a place for corporate bull and young
night clubbers.
Sigh. A beautiful ... ( 2 months ago por Bob Jones)
Sigh. A beautiful video. As an Indian born in the seventies, I wish we
could turn back time to 1997 and re-elected John Major. Make no mistake,
every leader from Ted Heath has screwed this fine country and it's people
by allowing more and more in. Pakistani's and Muslims are the worst as they
have no respect for English culture or their beliefs. Yes, I'm Indian
however my parents never once made an issue about me learning Christianity
at school. Me and my brother would do weekly shopping for our English
neighbours because they were our friends.
Look at Small Heath, look at Aston, look at any area in Birmingham densely
populated by Muslims. They will drive every non Muslim out and take over
the area.
I long for the 80's. It was a magnificent country. Still, we will always
have the memories of good old Blighty.
At 0.36 into the ... ( 3 months ago por WoodWurks)
At 0.36 into the video, I see a 'C' registered car. (AFC 164C) 'A'
registered cars were for 1963. C reg would therefore be 1965... So this
would have to be post 1965, yes? Just nit-picking really, 'cos it's a great
video. Thanks. (A Brummie!)
Hello, love the ... ( 1 month ago por Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen Sheen)
Hello, love the footage. Wondering is you might be able to help a fellow
indie doc maker. I'm in post production for my documentary Abandoned,
Adopted, Here. I'm looking for film footage of 60s Britain wondering you
would allow me to use some of the footage from your documentary?
Sadly I have no budget left (self funded the doc anyway) but full on screen
credit would be given.
Many thanks for you time.
You can see a teaser from my documentary
I'm on YouTube so please do drop me a message
Many thanks for you time
Great piece of ... ( 1 week ago por eclectica1)
Great piece of nostalgia...shame that it has induced people to spew their
predictable and racist bile.
Birmingham is still ... ( 4 months ago por feltum)
Birmingham is still lovely (if you like Pakistanis/Indians, Somalis,
Blacks, Poles..........and not forgetting our own chav scum!!)
Just an opinion but ... ( 7 months ago por Alan Smyth)
Just an opinion but the women look like they have more class than those
Old Birmingham ... ( 6 months ago por Victoria M)
Old Birmingham looked much better than the new. Now Birnminghan is a trash
city full of violent-looking very aggressive ill manned people who can only
bark, do not know how to behave.

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