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Birmingham Town Centre, 1964 - UK

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Video posted in Youtube by: km6nab - Contact him if you have any queries

An 8mm home movie from 1964, showing the Bull Ring, New Street and Corporation Street as they were then. Enjoy!

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Comments on this video
It actually looks ... ( 6 months ago por prankster1590)
It actually looks like england!
Ah, the Birmingham ... ( 5 months ago por Gary Walton)
Ah, the Birmingham I know and love. Just look at the people - or so happy.
Look at the people now. Spot the difference? I got quite dewy-eyed looking
at that. Thank you for posting. It was wonderful.
Contrary to the ... ( 3 months ago por baldieman64)
Contrary to the historical revisionism of the BBC and other television
content providers, there was barely a black face to be seen anywhere in
Britain prior to the 1970's.
There are certainly none to be seen here.
How nice it looked ... ( 8 months ago por mark britton)
How nice it looked then compared to today - nowadays, it's full of
foreigners, tramps and chavs
i've lived here all ... ( 5 months ago por MaximusJohal)
i've lived here all my life, hate it, its just a copy of all cities now...
people use to be polite and now its a place for corporate bull and young
night clubbers.
Indians have ... ( 6 months ago por Geany Versace)
Indians have destroyed this country are the people dirty bleahhh!!!
I see Ozzie ... ( 7 months ago por psycoticbastard)
I see Ozzie Osbourne as a child ;)
{{3}} ( 6 months ago por Birmingham Midlands)
Birmingham looks ... ( 4 months ago por Ammar Ali)
Birmingham looks way better then now .. Fukn shitwhole nw
Sigh. A beautiful ... ( 5 months ago por Bob Jones)
Sigh. A beautiful video. As an Indian born in the seventies, I wish we
could turn back time to 1997 and re-elected John Major. Make no mistake,
every leader from Ted Heath has screwed this fine country and it's people
by allowing more and more in. Pakistani's and Muslims are the worst as they
have no respect for English culture or their beliefs. Yes, I'm Indian
however my parents never once made an issue about me learning Christianity
at school. Me and my brother would do weekly shopping for our English
neighbours because they were our friends.
Look at Small Heath, look at Aston, look at any area in Birmingham densely
populated by Muslims. They will drive every non Muslim out and take over
the area.
I long for the 80's. It was a magnificent country. Still, we will always
have the memories of good old Blighty.
Old Birmingham ... ( 9 months ago por Victoria M)
Old Birmingham looked much better than the new. Now Birnminghan is a trash
city full of violent-looking very aggressive ill manned people who can only
bark, do not know how to behave.
The film starts off ... ( 1 month ago por Brian Dicks)
The film starts off with a Midland Red CM6T motorway coach turning into
Digbeth, but the earliest time these were first built was 1965. Excellent
film though.
different world ( 3 weeks ago por andrew moore)
different world
Birmingham is still ... ( 7 months ago por feltum)
Birmingham is still lovely (if you like Pakistanis/Indians, Somalis,
Blacks, Poles..........and not forgetting our own chav scum!!)
Just an opinion but ... ( 10 months ago por Alan Smyth)
Just an opinion but the women look like they have more class than those
Imagine i had a ... ( 3 months ago por mark caine)
Imagine i had a time machine wrist watch and i could transport myself into
this video of 1964 i would try and convince the people not to allow mosques
to be built on British soil but some how i feel no one would believe how
bad things would be in 2015 on how people in 2015 live in fear of being
shot to death by radical Islam because they want to take away our freedom
of speech i would talk to the people in the streets and tell them what the
future will be like and they would most likely just laugh and think i am
crazy for most people then had not even heard of Islam. i would be thinking
if i did not have my children i would be tempted to smash my time machine
and stay in 1964 
WHEN BRITAIN WAS ... ( 4 months ago por Huw Jones)
Birmingham Town ... ( 5 months ago por Will Harbison)
Birmingham Town Centre, 1964 - UK:
{{3}} ( 5 months ago por louis simms)
Fantastic....thank ... ( 4 days ago por Brian Williams)
Fantastic....thank you for sharing so many forgotten memories......happy
I watched them ... ( 2 weeks ago por Martin S)
I watched them build that. Thanks for bringing my childhood back.

Wonderful footage ... ( 2 weeks ago por Andy Sintome)
Wonderful footage of my early days in Birmingham. I was a 19 year old at
the time.Memories are so precious. 
Hideously white... ... ( 3 weeks ago por mandrake smith)
Hideously white...and clean...and peaceful.....YUK!

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