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The Tantrums - Best Rock Band

Young Man Shocks His Parents in the Audience with a Surprise X Factor Audition

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Comments on this video
huh? what has being ... ( 6 days ago por Renate de Jong)
huh? what has being gay(is that so??) has to do with his performance and
singing?? Strange english people giving strange comments! Very depressing.
A good performance by the way by a HUMAN BEING . I liked it very much :) 
if they dont like ... ( 6 hours ago por ronald robinson)
if they dont like it they r jelly
I've learned that ... ( 1 week ago por Susan Polchinski)
I've learned that people who make negative comments, especially
unnecessarily hurtful ones, are just very insecure, jealous, scared little
asswipe bullies who have to make themselves feel better by making someone
else feel or look bad. The joke's on you people, b/c you're the ones the
world will pay no attention to in the end.
good singing. more ... ( 7 hours ago por ShadoZero1)
good singing. more importantly, that black judge is fine as fuck
I love his voice ... ( 13 hours ago por Bethany Haner)
I love his voice and his humor. He was great.
Idk what it is, but ... ( 4 days ago por Dakota Cabana)
Idk what it is, but everybody I know about his weight has an amazing voice.
Does being heavy make you a good singer? Jesus!
Wow! I love your ... ( 2 days ago por Ren Paual)
Wow! I love your voice! And you're so adorable :)
I love his voice, ... ( 4 days ago por Natas Nico)
I love his voice, so amazing 😍 I could listen to his voice all day
i was searching for ... ( 3 days ago por Joyce Fler)
i was searching for the song.. i couldn't understand it when he said the
title.. i just loved it. and when i learned it was Adele, i was shocked. I
listened to that song over and over for a year i didn't realize that was
the same song. He just made it his own... So cool!
If you think that's ... ( 1 day ago por RealityCheck6T9)
If you think that's genuine shock you're a...
gay- LGBT go to ... ( 1 day ago por setyo hartono)
gay- LGBT go to hell (holly bible)
My Gaydar is going ... ( 3 days ago por Patrick Star)
My Gaydar is going off.
Before you ask, no I don't hate gays.
Which year is this? ( 3 months ago por zegermanneonazi Advait)
Which year is this?
33,913,499 views ... ( 1 month ago por Boom Chicka)
33,913,499 views but there's only 15,000,000 people in the world... Um,
k... Clearly someone is paying/cheating views.
Gay as hell ( 2 weeks ago por Zaicliff DemonZ)
Gay as hell
Gay people are ... ( 1 month ago por Sebastian Puka)
Gay people are among the most talented on this world.Too bad in my country
they are viewed as a threat to healthy tissue of society and homosexuality
is being consider as a disease. Another words gay people can be cured and
become straight.
Perhaps now he can ... ( 1 week ago por AnimalGuardian71)
Perhaps now he can earn enough to move out of his parents' home, lol, Love
his voice, and his being gay actually amps up his singing by the way he
belts it out. I hope he goes far. BTW, WHO is that morsel on the far
x factor sucks they ... ( 2 months ago por HORROR MOVIE TRAILERS)
x factor sucks they edit it so much, it not even real, 
There are pro vocal ... ( 1 month ago por Megan Alston)
There are pro vocal lessons on
Suck my cock Geiko! ... ( 1 month ago por bakedbeans2012)
Suck my cock Geiko! Sick of your commercials on every fucking video
DAD DA FUQ DO YOU ... ( 2 weeks ago por KerryDoan)
no hate but I could ... ( 1 month ago por FlyingHigh23)
no hate but I could tell he's gay from the moment I looked at him I knew
what his secret was plus he had a hint of stereotypical gay voice n his
movement some people are noticeable some arnt some are completely normal
and are good at hiding it, I hate how people think this is right n this is
wrong, be open minded and don't judge unless you want the same judging
courtesy upon you 
The amount of hate ... ( 4 months ago por IbeCassiie)
The amount of hate comments about him being gay, honestly is pathetic. This
generation is sick with the amount of hate there is. Who cares if he's gay?
This show isn't about his sexuality, it's about his talent, his singing. 

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