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Young Man Shocks His Parents in the Audience with a Surprise X Factor Audition

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Comments on this video
wow. that was an ... ( 3 months ago por Bourne0814)
wow. that was an awesome surprise. I was looking for a video about a
talented singer, but, the beginning was even better than the singing with
his comic ability. And the singing was great too.
is it some kind of ... ( 3 months ago por Galova)
is it some kind of local accent he speaks with? he speaks as if he got a
mouth full of hot potatoes.
The reason I'm ... ( 6 months ago por NamelessPoster)
The reason I'm saying this, is because the system and pop-culture like to
promote the VICTIMHOOD-NARRATIVE that obese people can be rejected on the
basis of their looks in a sex-crazed world, and that this is so hateful of
Subsequently, doctors tell these obese people on the basis of a ridiculous
blood-sugar test that they have diabetes, and are put on toxic insulin
shots for life, further messing up their organisms.
Let's be honest: fat people aren't 'sick', they don't have a 'glandular
disorder' and didn't inherited some elephant-'gene'. Things are really a
lot more simple:
Seeing this epidemic of ingesting garbage is PROMOTED CEASELESSLY by
advertisers and the very nature of consumerism, and since it is based on
ignorance, bad habits, and probably a fair dose of self-loathing, I think
you people should be grateful that at least one individual is speaking out
against this ill of modernity, especially since it can so asily be turned
Hey look a fat ... ( 2 months ago por davidsalinas9)
Hey look a fat justin bieber
Not hating on the ... ( 2 months ago por ZzDangerZonezZ)
Not hating on the Liverpool accent but when he first came on I thought he
was gay
He is gay. He went ... ( 1 month ago por shgfe3ay)
He is gay. He went out with Danny Johnson
Whats his name? ( 3 months ago por Marie Jose)
Whats his name?
Thats cute :3 (No ... ( 2 months ago por CogoGaming)
Thats cute :3 (No homo)
Thank you for ... ( 1 month ago por TyrionDies)
Thank you for killing the white walker bro
Does Thelisa (cant ... ( 3 months ago por Madison Smith)
Does Thelisa (cant spell her name i dont think) think that she's not an
egyptian or something? 
why do most chubby ... ( 3 months ago por DjVader112)
why do most chubby people sing so good its not fuckin fair!
if this guy becomes ... ( 6 months ago por Zach Ward)
if this guy becomes an artist please give me a link to his channel or
anything to do with songs
looks like a chubby ... ( 3 months ago por HALOTIP)
looks like a chubby Justin Bieber
good talent must say
He got a very ... ( 3 months ago por Benjamin Brown)
He got a very special voice. I like it though 
you can tell the ... ( 2 months ago por rizz2pro)
you can tell the dad is weirded out by his gay son
He sounds decent ... ( 3 months ago por noxgta)
He sounds decent but he needs to enunciate better when he sings. He sounds
like his mouth is full of peanut butter. I couldn't understand half the
words of the song.
I have never liked ... ( 1 month ago por Kristine B)
I have never liked anything from Adele but I like Colton singing this song.
Wtf is this shit ... ( 3 weeks ago por angharad jones)
Wtf is this shit singing 
Hey's got a good ... ( 2 months ago por Saffire Sanchez)
Hey's got a good tone but no control. He could be great but needs quite a
bit of help. Recording vocal? Hmm.... Maybe not. They have slaughtered a
lot better bedroom singers, but for some reason put him through.
I mean seriously, ... ( 1 month ago por danpt2000)
I mean seriously, these candidates, they don't put any thought or work in
their stage outfit? 
This just came my ... ( 1 month ago por patrick kanne)
This just came my way.. I went in expecting all sorts of things and then,
when I saw the boy, only thing I could think was "dude, EVERYBODY know
you're gay, no one is going to be shocked".. And then the audition
started.. And he started to sing.. And...
If you see anything today, let it be this one. If you have already seen it,
IDGAF, watch it again. There's so much sheer WIN in this, you owe it to
Faggots are maggots ... ( 2 weeks ago por PhunckyFeelOne)
Faggots are maggots lol 
so what if he is ... ( 6 days ago por Jane Johnson)
so what if he is Gay.. leave him alone...

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