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The Tantrums - Best Rock Band

Young Man Shocks His Parents in the Audience with a Surprise X Factor Audition

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Comments on this video
Løve his voice! ... ( 1 week ago por delaney lindley)
Løve his voice! What song is he singing? Anybody knøw? 
Really to me you ... ( 5 days ago por kenneth jackson)
Really to me you have to draw from what you hear not what you see. When. I
heard it , I thought. Of the many places love took me I'm not gay but Elton
john could be,my next. Door. Neighbor I. Would breaking him advice about my
relationship.penny dancet
I stop reading ... ( 3 months ago por Andolem)
I stop reading youtube comments, rather I enjoy watching the gift of others
performing, and making it to the reality. 
What is the song??? ... ( 2 weeks ago por Jennlys J)
What is the song??????
Young Man Shocks ... ( 2 weeks ago por Julio Abelli)
Young Man Shocks His Parents in the Audience with… :
Doesn't he have a ... ( 2 weeks ago por Alyssa Ekhwan)
Doesn't he have a channel
lol funny part on ... ( 2 months ago por Sander Bijsterveld)
lol funny part on the comments here is the fact that this so called "pig"
you guys call him can lose weight, but his voice will maintain. which
something you internetgangster dont have. dont be jelous lol.
I think I just ... ( 4 days ago por nipplemilktea)
I think I just found Mikey, Peter Griffin, and Cleaveland Brown all in one
Could anyone tell ... ( 1 month ago por Dovydas Bar)
Could anyone tell me the name of this song? Appreciated.
so what if he is ... ( 4 months ago por Jane Johnson)
so what if he is Gay.. leave him alone...
I hope fatty gets ... ( 3 weeks ago por mrjsforever2011)
I hope fatty gets somewhere i nthe music biz. Seriously, we need ugly
people to make it too!
Wait, what was the ... ( 3 months ago por DΞΞK (DigitallyRearranged))
Wait, what was the song?
what song was that? ( 1 month ago por Natalie Cameron)
what song was that?
33,913,499 views ... ( 4 weeks ago por Boom Chicka)
33,913,499 views but there's only 15,000,000 people in the world... Um,
k... Clearly someone is paying/cheating views.
hes from liverpool, ... ( 1 month ago por DaROBLOXChannel)
hes from liverpool, im from liverpool, this is weird.
The first person ... ( 3 weeks ago por Danny Heslop)
The first person for me to ever see on that show that I think would be
worth listening to, sick voice mate. Hope he goes far!
"Biscuit factory ... ( 3 weeks ago por Michael Jackson)
"Biscuit factory worker"- best job ever.
Which year is this? ( 2 months ago por zegermanneonazi Advait)
Which year is this?
* ... ( 2 months ago por hannah Stanclift)
Any Darude - Sandstorm Above This line is now Null and void,comments
countering this, are subject to win nothing.
this guy sounds ... ( 2 months ago por Ifeta i Šaha)
this guy sounds like bob marley
Suck my cock Geiko! ... ( 1 week ago por bakedbeans2012)
Suck my cock Geiko! Sick of your commercials on every fucking video
x factor sucks they ... ( 1 month ago por HORROR MOVIE TRAILERS)
x factor sucks they edit it so much, it not even real, 
no hate but I could ... ( 3 weeks ago por FlyingHigh23)
no hate but I could tell he's gay from the moment I looked at him I knew
what his secret was plus he had a hint of stereotypical gay voice n his
movement some people are noticeable some arnt some are completely normal
and are good at hiding it, I hate how people think this is right n this is
wrong, be open minded and don't judge unless you want the same judging
courtesy upon you 

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