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The Tantrums - Best Rock Band

Young Man Shocks His Parents in the Audience with a Surprise X Factor Audition

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Comments on this video
I ... ( 1 month ago por Don't Like This Comment! - I Mean It!)
I haı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨̨̨̨̨̨cked your computer with the black tadpole of
MUHAHAHAHAHAHA whatcha ... ( 4 days ago por Olivia Gordon) whatcha do?

So did this guy get ... ( 2 days ago por arrgh garry)
So did this guy get far ,funny guy and a good voice 
Ha ha, he looks ... ( 6 months ago por Swami White)
Ha ha, he looks like a biscuit factory...
I like this more ... ( 1 hour ago por RubyOpheliaQuinn)
I like this more than the original. 
Its disgusting when ... ( 2 weeks ago por freakinsweet34)
Its disgusting when any man wears skinny jeans full stop, no man looks good
in them and anyone who says they do deserves to be
slapped......................................hard, you should just be
slapped for been stupid :)
Nice voice, he ... ( 2 months ago por Angie Daniels)
Nice voice, he should sing country or blues.
Is he gay??? ( 2 weeks ago por ippokratis tzio)
Is he gay???
This just came my ... ( 4 months ago por patrick kanne)
This just came my way.. I went in expecting all sorts of things and then,
when I saw the boy, only thing I could think was "dude, EVERYBODY know
you're gay, no one is going to be shocked".. And then the audition
started.. And he started to sing.. And...
If you see anything today, let it be this one. If you have already seen it,
IDGAF, watch it again. There's so much sheer WIN in this, you owe it to
Fat family ( 1 month ago por Sine Vita)
Fat family
Looks like Justin ... ( 1 day ago por Sunnie Souza)
Looks like Justin bieber 
His sister is ... ( 2 months ago por The Dude)
His sister is smoking hot....or whoever that is sitting next to his mom.
He is gay. He went ... ( 4 months ago por shgfe3ay)
He is gay. He went out with Danny Johnson
No this is not ... ( 4 months ago por Galileo Galilei)
No this is not Adele's song, the song is Hiding my heart away and was
written by Tim Hanseroth of Brandi Carlile, you should hear the original
version, much better than Adele's cover. 
I mean seriously, ... ( 3 months ago por danpt2000)
I mean seriously, these candidates, they don't put any thought or work in
their stage outfit? 
I stop reading ... ( 2 months ago por Andolem)
I stop reading youtube comments, rather I enjoy watching the gift of others
performing, and making it to the reality. 
Which year is this? ( 1 month ago por Advait chatterji)
Which year is this?
lol funny part on ... ( 1 month ago por Sander Bijsterveld)
lol funny part on the comments here is the fact that this so called "pig"
you guys call him can lose weight, but his voice will maintain. which
something you internetgangster dont have. dont be jelous lol.
Could anyone tell ... ( 6 days ago por Dovydas Bar)
Could anyone tell me the name of this song? Appreciated.
so what if he is ... ( 3 months ago por Jane Johnson)
so what if he is Gay.. leave him alone...
Wait, what was the ... ( 2 months ago por DΞΞK (DigitallyRearranged))
Wait, what was the song?
hes from liverpool, ... ( 2 weeks ago por DaROBLOXChannel)
hes from liverpool, im from liverpool, this is weird.
x factor sucks they ... ( 3 weeks ago por HORROR MOVIE TRAILERS)
x factor sucks they edit it so much, it not even real, 

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