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Young Man Shocks His Parents in the Audience with a Surprise X Factor Audition

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Comments on this video
Fat kid fat family ... ( 1 month ago por Google is making me put a first and last name)
Fat kid fat family and they work at a biscuit factory I'm suprised he's not
American! - Said the ignorant bitches of the world.
Seems like he's ... ( 1 month ago por P2R_VOLV)
Seems like he's working on connecting his chin with his neck at the biscuit
just like my ... ( 3 days ago por Flutt3rIs B3stP0ny)
just like my parents...
id be blasting out talent but they just ignore me untill i get on the "x
factor" or something equivalent
Where the hell is ... ( 4 days ago por Jellybean5689)
Where the hell is Simon Cowell??
Mum just deep breed ... ( 1 month ago por JackDagnaIs)
Mum just deep breed.
Not to be rude or ... ( 1 month ago por Dulith Suri)
Not to be rude or anything, but he doesn't have the body or a face of a
singer, but he has that quality of a voice that is rare. 
Why is it when a ... ( 2 months ago por ZhuShisubi)
Why is it when a person is heavy its a "Shocking" audition? America the
How to make a joke ... ( 2 weeks ago por Epic NEd)
How to make a joke if you're British:
Make some offensive joke about something and the punchline should somehow
involve America.
People, he might ... ( 3 months ago por Suzi McCrory)
People, he might not be gay, just British. Sometimes it's hard to tell the
jesus fucking ... ( 2 months ago por Larry Stylinson)
jesus fucking christ everyone its the fucking 21st god damn century get
your shit together. If he's gay, who cares? It doesn't change the fact that
he is a human with feelings, emotions, and a brain too. His fucking
sexuality does not change the fact if he has talent or not. It does not
change the fact that he is a human with emotions and feelings. It. Does.
Not. And its 2015. STOP USING GAY AS AN INSULT. It's not. Stop acting like
fucking two year olds. You all need to go to fucking preschool again if
you're going to be acting so childish. Fuck off.
in my generation if ... ( 3 months ago por Lukkie Charm)
in my generation if we went to a singing contest. we judged them for the
singing. the generations get more and more illiterate and childish. you
people who mentioned his sexuality have serious issues. and it will get
harder for you as you age. you will be judged by punks like yourself,
except they will be worse. that is the way time works. elton john was queer
as a 3 dollar bill , and damn, no one gave a chit, oh yes, and queen, whose
anthems are sung proudly in sports arenas, oh and judas priest, get over
your sexual hang ups kiddies. we all did in the 60s and 70s.. you can too.
Kaleesha is wearing ... ( 1 month ago por Petimat Temicheva)
Kaleesha is wearing a wonderful black and blue top.
Whats the song? ( 1 month ago por Bozzy Crew)
Whats the song?
Good on him! I ... ( 1 month ago por Rj Jaroenp)
Good on him! I don't care if he's gay or not, he has a good voice and is a
good person, better than most heterosexual critics in the comment below,
who is, well below him so to speak. Well done!
To Those who are ... ( 3 months ago por TheGamerGirl)
To Those who are calling people Gay,
Yes he probably is Gay.
Do you know the meaning of Gay? It means Happy
So thank you for complimenting people
Guy has an amazing ... ( 2 months ago por Andrew Dobin)
Guy has an amazing voice and all people can say is, wow what a gay?.
Youtube shows it's dark shameful side again. 
Are..... Are..... ... ( 1 month ago por silver punch)
Are..... Are..... Are one of... the judges wearing a... a white and gold
dress.... dress.... dress.... *Twitch*
LIVERPOOL  ( 2 months ago por Aimee Getty)
I love this guy!!! ... ( 1 week ago por Daisy Rain)
I love this guy!!! He's so cute and funny :) I love him, love him, love him <3
My Gaydar is going ... ( 4 months ago por Patrick Star)
My Gaydar is going off.
Before you ask, no I don't hate gays.
Array ( 3 weeks ago por Mr. BO55)
"He's so gay!"
"Well shit I just realized I have no life or no talent at all so I'd better
hate on someone to make myself feel better"
DAD DA FUQ DO YOU ... ( 4 months ago por KerryDoan)
For anyone who ... ( 6 days ago por Pat Ellis)
For anyone who wants to learn to sing go to singsbee. com they have lessons
for pros

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