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Accidentes espectaculares (Crash)

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Video posted by: Kale CIonico - Contact him if you have any queries
Accidentes de coches en competición de RALLY

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Comments on this video
casi todos los ... ( 1 year ago por niker alarcon)
casi todos los autos quedan volcados
7:12 Notas de ... ( 1 year ago por Soniko Eksdi)
7:12 Notas de Slenderman! xD
es magnifico vida ... ( 1 year ago por angela bastidas)
es magnifico vida igueperra
1:05 eso si es ... ( 1 year ago por Joseph Pacheco)
1:05 eso si es suerte!
Nooo, no tengo ni ... ( 1 year ago por CECILIA RODRIGUEZ)
Nooo, no tengo ni idea de rally, por eso pregunto x los copilotos!
CRACH ? ... ( 1 year ago por Felipe Valvo)
CRACH ? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
4:49 Se cayo xD ( 11 months ago por AFMVIDEOS1)
4:49 Se cayo xD
Estos Peugeot son ... ( 1 year ago por Leito Lofgren)
Estos Peugeot son todos unos autos loquillos... :D
i like when the car ... ( 11 months ago por shawn burnham)
i like when the car just falls off the road and disappears.
lo bonito es ... ( 1 year ago por Alvaro Calvo Rubio)
lo bonito es escuchar el rugido de los motores, no la musica
Mujer Al Volante XD ( 1 year ago por Nicolàs Delgado)
Mujer Al Volante XD
vive la france ^^ ( 11 months ago por palkia poké)
vive la france ^^
Alfa 75 power ( 1 year ago por The75mischambelanes)
Alfa 75 power
Pareciera que: uno ... ( 1 year ago por Ezequiel gonzalez)
Pareciera que: uno que otro automovil se cayera en el mismo lugar XD
You need to be ... ( 4 months ago por ivan marquez zamora)
You need to be faster than the dar stupid!
DAT WHAT YOU GET ... ( 5 months ago por ey wallah)
Hi- can anyone ... ( 5 months ago por Jason Nunn)
Hi- can anyone please advise me? I need to buy a car to get to work & want
to know which is the best. There are so many makes and models to choose
from, and I’m confused. Some of the people on my street have small cars,
but some have big ones that look like trucks- which is better?
Also, I see these really fast cars on TV racing each other, and I’m
thinking that even though they look a bit weird, it would be great to have
one as I’d get to work quicker than everybody else! PLEASE help me! My
budget is $3,000.
I mean you need to ... ( 4 months ago por ivan marquez zamora)
I mean you need to make changes faster than the revs on the vehículo, and
the curves on the way...
Graves acidentes de ... ( 4 months ago por Lucas Bragamonte)
Graves acidentes de carros :p
"Crach" jajajajaja ( 4 months ago por Sergio Nequiz)
"Crach" jajajajaja
You need to,knew ... ( 4 months ago por ivan marquez zamora)
You need to,knew how to get zero speed, not by brakes but by engines...
son mas ... ( 3 months ago por juanmagan995)
son mas espectaculares mis pedos de por la mañana
รวมอุบัติเหตุทางรถ ( 1 week ago por Tong Skyhawk)

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