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Accidentes espectaculares (Crash)

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Video posted by: Kale CIonico - Contact him if you have any queries
Accidentes de coches en competición de RALLY

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Comments on this video
Hi- can anyone ... ( 10 months ago por Jason Nunn)
Hi- can anyone please advise me? I need to buy a car to get to work & want
to know which is the best. There are so many makes and models to choose
from, and I’m confused. Some of the people on my street have small cars,
but some have big ones that look like trucks- which is better?
Also, I see these really fast cars on TV racing each other, and I’m
thinking that even though they look a bit weird, it would be great to have
one as I’d get to work quicker than everybody else! PLEASE help me! My
budget is $3,000.
"Crach" jajajajaja ( 9 months ago por Sergio Nequiz)
"Crach" jajajajaja
{{3}} ( 1 month ago por Iris Diaz)
Video ottimi, molto ... ( 7 months ago por Lorenzo Ghigi)
Video ottimi, molto belli-
{{3}} ( 1 month ago por Hadj Sadok)
COSAS DE RALLYES ( 3 months ago por jesus ausejo)
{{3}} ( 1 month ago por Jean-Marie David)
{{3}} ( 3 weeks ago por yeah liu)
รวมอุบัติเหตุทางรถ ( 5 months ago por Tong Skyhawk)
Array ( 1 month ago por Max Massimo)
in tunes =>
P ( 2 weeks ago por camel kmel)
/id937096976?mt=8 ( 1 month ago por Max Massimo)
8:40 se llevo a 1 ... ( 1 month ago por angel gabriel Aguero)
8:40 se llevo a 1 por delante 
Pobres pendejos  ( 1 week ago por Melani Dallay)
Pobres pendejos 
el de la camiseta ... ( 1 month ago por Bader Kamil)
el de la camiseta negra parecía que tiene ardillas en el cuerpo
auto crashes can be ... ( 1 month ago por Max Massimo)
auto crashes can be avoided with this APP ( in case of bad visibiliy, rain,
snow, etc ):
Me canse de ver ... ( 3 weeks ago por Agustin Salandro)
Me canse de ver Peugeots haciendose mierda en este video
2:49 yo siempre en ... ( 1 month ago por angel gabriel Aguero)
2:49 yo siempre en juegos de rally ponia frenado mas fuerte en las rueda
delantera , este me copio xd
8:32 Poor camera ... ( 1 week ago por abiagui)
8:32 Poor camera man D:
Se escribe "craSh", ... ( 3 days ago por Alvaro Martin)
Se escribe "craSh", mongolo.
Vieja Pelotuda Casi ... ( 1 week ago por MC Pacaco)
Vieja Pelotuda Casi La Pisan 1:47
many of them are in ... ( 1 month ago por xav xaxm)
many of them are in france or with french cars
Half of these ... ( 1 month ago por Anders Kristensen)
Half of these crashes show why Group B was cancelled. Cars were too
powerful, and people were dying. Drivers and spectators alike.

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