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Naked Model Walks Runway For Pam Hogg At London Fashion Week

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Video posted by: TheYoutoob444 - Contact him if you have any queries
We've seen models who walked the runway flashing some butt cheek. We've seen models hit the runway topless. But rarely do we see models walk the Fashion Week runway completely and utterly naked.
So thank you to Pam Hogg, who rectified that dearth of nudity with her London Fashion Week show on Saturday. The British designer sent her models down the runway in a bold palette of black, red and white done in shiny materials with sculptural hats.

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Comments on this video
What a crock of ... ( 11 months ago por PS Vombatkere)
What a crock of total horseshit! 'Haute Couture' is really a lot of
soooo sexy ( 11 months ago por Shea Maurin)
soooo sexy
حلو ( 10 months ago por قاسم كريم الموسوي)
what the utter fuck ... ( 10 months ago por Johns)
what the utter fuck is that??
wtf! who's gonna ... ( 10 months ago por ftin28)
wtf! who's gonna wear those?
Gross!!! ( 10 months ago por Bassaz Mon Sainulabdeen)
Naked is not the ... ( 1 year ago por Berry Bubblegum)
Naked is not the new fashion, the person who uploaded this did the biggest
mistake on earth
It is art in the ... ( 10 months ago por kaio proper)
It is art in the sense of clothing you fucking morons. People don't
actually wear this shit on a daily basis
Wait, what was the ... ( 10 months ago por Anela Maria)
Wait, what was the point of clothes again?
Reading the ... ( 10 months ago por asa9enaka)
Reading the comments below, some people just don't get ART when it is
staring them in the face. Sad.
esto es ridículo¡¡¡ ... ( 10 months ago por csce mant)
esto es ridículo¡¡¡¡ las ropas son feísimas¡¡¡¡ pero las modelos están
Apparently birthday ... ( 8 months ago por Sausageprincess123)
Apparently birthday suits are in this season
BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!! ( 1 year ago por jofrank117)
First, skinny ... ( 10 months ago por VampirateBloodR8)
First, skinny dippers and now this. People getting stupid everyday.
coco channel would ... ( 11 months ago por MrLittlesack)
coco channel would be so dissapointed
,,,What ever ... ( 6 months ago por Roy Mckenzie)
,,,What ever happened to appreciating the beauty of the women here
,,,Instead of taxing their beauty ,,,as I have seen ,,,over ,and over ,,,in
the comments section ??? ,,,
maybe pam hogg just ... ( 1 year ago por Akuma Blue)
maybe pam hogg just want show the model body....
A case of the ... ( 1 year ago por Lynda Osborne)
A case of the Emperor's new clothes.
keep away aliens ... ( 1 year ago por Floda Reltih)
keep away aliens keep away we are not ready for you yet...
I don't think ... ( 11 months ago por fish sauce)
I don't think models put out at all. They have to eat to have energy for
that ;) "fashion" industry aka self-centric ego massaging industry. "I made
it. You will love it because i made it. Now love me and come up with new
ways of verbally jerking me off. Don't forget to buy this crap i've made
for a huge sum of money" Sadly this despicable trait is quite common in
Some of the clothes ... ( 10 months ago por Robo1415)
Some of the clothes are,I agree.
not good fashion ... ( 4 months ago por Track2u)
not good fashion using nudity as the clothing is poorly designed
If a male designer ... ( 2 months ago por 1000frolly)
If a male designer did this, he would be toast!

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