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Sex in the Pool?

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Video posted by: upstairsgirls - Contact him if you have any queries
Sandy's old "BFF" Olive gets a little too friendly with Mutt on their trip to the pool, not the beach. When will Mutt catch a break? This is a Sequel to the IronSink ten Million view video "sex on the Beach"
The Upstairs Girls is one of the most popular web series of outrageous comedy videos on the Internet! Set in Los Angeles, the show follows the adventures of Sandy (Erica Rhodes) and DeeDee (Justine Peacock) in their never ending pursuit of finding a third roommate who isn't totally nuts, dangerous, or hitting on Sandy's on again off again boyfriend Mutt (Eric Patton). Laugh along with the funny, sexy and wild 20 something characters, as they attempt to navigate their wacky lives and the comic farce of their romantic entanglements.
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Comments on this video
Thank god I have ... ( 5 months ago por AGENTtimex)
Thank god I have adblock so I'm not buying these vapid flakes the latest
she has nice feet ( 7 months ago por Grimmjowx9)
she has nice feet
He wont get out ... ( 3 months ago por ronald zahner)
He wont get out cause he has a big hard on !!!
{{3}} ( 4 months ago por Fadilah Soid)
fucking hell that ... ( 2 months ago por ted crilly)
fucking hell that was so american
I just dont get it. ... ( 7 months ago por andrew valentine)
I just dont get it. 50 million people?, makes you ask your self , how did I
end up here. Stop being so dense ppl, exposing your mind to this ignorant
OMG! I can not ... ( 5 months ago por Emmet CooperMan)
OMG! I can not believe this video has 54,341,629 views! Whats wrong with
you people!?
you didn't even ... ( 7 months ago por Atrau Moran)
you didn't even have sex
big hullabaloo ( 3 months ago por Clemie Steffan)
big hullabaloo
never give more ... ( 5 months ago por Nicole Jhelai)
never give more food
where is the sex ( 4 months ago por Michelle Aya)
where is the sex
XD blondes, all ya ... ( 3 months ago por Summer Rose)
XD blondes, all ya gotta do is look at em and have em ask one sexual
question and a guy gets that boner o.o XD pig
Even as part of ... ( 6 months ago por databank08y)
Even as part of entertainment this is what the young generation can do and
is aiming to achieve in their lives. Preeteens posting videos with such
headings and contents, I'm sure their parents are busy doing similar stuff.
How the fuck does ... ( 4 months ago por Tom Servo)
How the fuck does this have 55 million views, and why did I click this shit
Believe me, sex is ... ( 4 months ago por David Satterfield)
Believe me, sex is easier in the baby pool.
In the beginning ... ( 2 months ago por Resolved White)
In the beginning God created marriage for one man and one woman for the
good and love of only those two for life. The devil and his demons want to
destroy what God made for good. God loves you and wants you in heaven and
not hell. All sinned, this is why Jesus, the Son of God, died on the cross
as a sacrifice for you sin so you can be forgiven and go to heaven. Why
would God want unrepentant sinners, murders, immoral , thieves, liars in
heaven, heaven would NO longer be heaven. Those who want to live like
immoral people go to hell. REPENT and call upon the NAME of Jesus, make
Jesus Lord, Master of you life, and savior of your sin, stop sin, read the
Bible to know and obey God=heaven. If you really want to know the truth and
are willing to surrender your life to Jesus, I DARE YOU to CALL out to
Jesus and ask if He is real, but be willing to give your life to Jesus. Ask
for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the GIFTS of the Holy Spirit to give
you POWER form GOD. I know He is REAL, He showed me, He can show you, if
you really want God.
the chick doing all ... ( 3 months ago por MGTOW Galtist)
the chick doing all the talking but not giving out any action, ya know the
one in the Red Bikinis.....her thong is all wet 0:48 but she hasn't been in
the pool, what's all that about?
Booooooooooooooofff ... ( 4 months ago por pierre boulay)
I would throw ropes ... ( 2 months ago por phantomshtter)
I would throw ropes all over ALL those hot bitches.
Alright. Great ( 4 months ago por karuselvideo)
Alright. Great
you don't deserve ... ( 5 months ago por Taliban King)
you don't deserve the ad money from these views stupid bitch.
this is why the ... ( 8 months ago por Unitor677)
this is why the earth is a so fucked up place people
Automatic thumbs ... ( 2 months ago por thereisjoelimit)
Automatic thumbs down for misleading thumbnail.

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