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Burnistoun Sat Nav.

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Video posted by: Halloweenjack84 - Contact him if you have any queries
Sat Nav clip from the BBC comedy series Burnistoun.

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Comments on this video
This is genious! ( 2 years ago por Tzu Wu)
This is genious!
hahaha burly aboot!! ( 2 years ago por Ryan McAllister)
hahaha burly aboot!!
Love it ( 1 year ago por Stef McNeill)
Love it
so funny, thanks ... ( 2 years ago por Singsing MacKinstrie)
so funny, thanks for uploading.
1:04 - 1:10 What ... ( 1 year ago por Ladislav Magyerka)
1:04 - 1:10 What are they saying exactly? I caught only the last part.
Check out this ... ( 1 month ago por John Bracken)
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