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Comments on this video
Loved your video!!! ... ( 3 years ago por twycross3)
Loved your video!!!!!
how can i download ... ( 1 year ago por Airaz Abu)
how can i download it
this is reallly ... ( 2 years ago por Jade Hammington)
this is reallly cool
thank you ^^ ( 2 years ago por 3afoora)
thank you ^^
thank you . for a ... ( 1 year ago por rithesh prabhu)
thank you . for a reconstruction of the rutherford experiment wasn't ... ( 1 year ago por Almas Hashmi) wasn't too long ago...only a century back ;)
the brass can? does ... ( 1 year ago por Marvin Cervantes)
the brass can? does brass behave the same way that Lead did back in
Rutherfords day?
Hi millennium ... ( 1 year ago por thebrodyperk)
Hi millennium students :D
Open the door !!! ( 2 years ago por policromado1000)
Open the door !!!
I would hate to ... ( 3 years ago por sun6021023)
I would hate to meet the one person who disliked this video.
It seems the ... ( 3 years ago por MrTranceNinja)
It seems the detectors are at quite precise angles - is that for a reason?
Do all of the electrons hitting or getting deflected by the gold leaf/foil
deflect at particular angles, or are the detectors placed in the most
likely positions?
I was torn in half ... ( 3 years ago por modernblacksmith)
I was torn in half by this side loved the cool science of it
and the other half was driven insane by that doorbell noise!
@puncheex oh ok ( 3 years ago por Zee96969696)
@puncheex oh ok
Cool :-) ( 3 years ago por RichTurtle32)
Cool :-)
I only study ... ( 3 years ago por Gary Niger)
I only study chemistry for the methamphetamine business.
@ManusCelerDei ... ( 3 years ago por JoshMr07)
@ManusCelerDei legend... probably a more correct term
You just suckzz ( 2 years ago por Youthpickup)
You just suckzz
thanks good video ( 2 years ago por Chucktage)
thanks good video
me like science ( 2 years ago por 1AaronDanger)
me like science
How the atomic ... ( 1 year ago por Umesh Thota)
How the atomic nucleus was discovered and the atom revealed itself as empty
space... The Rutherford gold foil experiment. #QuantumAtom100
Rutherford se ... ( 1 year ago por Proyecto Pedagógico Sophie)
Rutherford se preguntaba, ¿cómo explicar que las partículas alfa atraviesen
el oro como si no existiera...? Así se descubrió el núcleo atómico y el
átomo se reveló como espacio vacío. #ÁtomoCuántico100
[Vídeo en inglés]
How the atomic ... ( 1 year ago por Scientist-Online)
How the atomic nucleus was discovered and the atom revealed itself as empty
space... The Rutherford gold foil experiment. #QuantumAtom100
at first i thought ... ( 11 months ago por Toothlessratdog)
at first i thought this guy just was pretending he was smart but then i
thought..."british guys..."

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