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Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment - Backstage Science

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Video posted by: BackstageScience - Contact him if you have any queries
Ernest Rutherford's famous gold foil experiment involves the scattering of alpha particles as they pass through a thin gold foil.
It led to a better understanding of the structure of atoms.
It's also known as the Geiger--Marsden experiment, after Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden who performed it under Rutherford's supervision.
Particle physicist Bruce Kennedy explains wit this modern re-creation.

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Comments on this video
I put on video, ... ( 1 year ago por Chapterlegend)
I put on video, walked away heard the bell ring, paused the video. checked
who was at the door, walked back pressed play, heard it again paused. this
happen one more time. reset, the video read what it said! and :) lol
Loved your video!!! ... ( 3 years ago por twycross3)
Loved your video!!!!!
how can i download ... ( 1 year ago por Airaz Abu)
how can i download it
this is reallly ... ( 2 years ago por Jade Hammington)
this is reallly cool
thank you ^^ ( 3 years ago por 3afoora)
thank you ^^
thank you . for a ... ( 2 years ago por rithesh prabhu)
thank you . for a reconstruction of the rutherford experiment wasn't ... ( 1 year ago por Almas Hashmi) wasn't too long ago...only a century back ;)
the brass can? does ... ( 1 year ago por Marvin Cervantes)
the brass can? does brass behave the same way that Lead did back in
Rutherfords day?
Hi millennium ... ( 2 years ago por thebrodyperk)
Hi millennium students :D
Open the door !!! ( 2 years ago por policromado1000)
Open the door !!!
I would hate to ... ( 3 years ago por sun6021023)
I would hate to meet the one person who disliked this video.
I was torn in half ... ( 3 years ago por modernblacksmith)
I was torn in half by this side loved the cool science of it
and the other half was driven insane by that doorbell noise!
@puncheex oh ok ( 3 years ago por Zee96969696)
@puncheex oh ok
Cool :-) ( 3 years ago por RichTurtle32)
Cool :-)
I only study ... ( 3 years ago por Gary Niger)
I only study chemistry for the methamphetamine business.
@ManusCelerDei ... ( 3 years ago por JoshMr07)
@ManusCelerDei legend... probably a more correct term
You just suckzz ( 2 years ago por Youthpickup)
You just suckzz
thanks good video ( 2 years ago por Chucktage)
thanks good video
me like science ( 2 years ago por 1AaronDanger)
me like science
How the atomic ... ( 1 year ago por Umesh Thota)
How the atomic nucleus was discovered and the atom revealed itself as empty
space... The Rutherford gold foil experiment. #QuantumAtom100
{{3}} ( 1 year ago por pema hyolmo)
I can't focus on ... ( 1 year ago por U WUT M8?)
I can't focus on what he is saying with that door bell ringing noise

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