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Installing a Ruger 10/22 Auto Bolt and Ext Mag Release 1 of 2

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Video posted in Youtube by: the308capital - Contact him if you have any queries

I show how simple it is to install 2 great additions to the Ruger 10/22. The extended magazine release is more ergonomic than the flush fit older one. Also, releasing the bolt can be a bit awkward and so with the addition of the auto bolt release, simply pull back and let go of the charging handle to close the bolt. This video shows the tools and step by step process on how you can add these great parts to make shooting your 10/22 more easy and enjoyable. NOTE: newer 10/22s already have the extended magazine release (last few years) so you can use this video to install the old flush fit style release if you so choose.

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Comments on this video
Thanks for watching. ( 2 years ago por the308capital)
Thanks for watching.
Thats a lot of work ... ( 2 years ago por funneman123456789)
Thats a lot of work for something my my 795 has a bolt release lever to
do!!!!!! silly 10/22 fans
You disassembled ... ( 1 year ago por GLOCKATTACK10mm)
You disassembled parts that you did not need too in the trigger group. I
sanded mine out. Took about 20 min to complete everything.
Glad I could be the ... ( 3 years ago por the308capital)
Glad I could be the one.
@funneman123456789 ... ( 2 years ago por Slade229)
@funneman123456789 If you're referring to how people attach new stock, and
different exterior parts, I agree. But in the case of internals, I like to
set up my rifle to the point that I feel as if I could defend myself or
family with it. I like a smooth trigger pull without creep, and an easy way
to release magazines. Everything here is practical. So if you're taking
about people changing the internals, you should realize that that is how it
will shoot better.
2:07 "now you dont ... ( 3 years ago por Dnuccio95ZJ)
2:07 "now you dont have to dick with this anymore" LMAO
Yea my Ruger 10/22s ... ( 2 years ago por gunnerrun13)
Yea my Ruger 10/22s are about 10-15 years old and have the old school mag
release I have been wanting to get a kit for one of mine
TAPCO intrafuse. ( 1 year ago por the308capital)
TAPCO intrafuse.
@TacticalGunGuy ... ( 3 years ago por the308capital)
@TacticalGunGuy Thanks. These mods are a no-brainer for enhancing the
ability of the 10/22.
Thanks for this ... ( 2 years ago por Albert Nygren)
Thanks for this video. I bought a used 10/22 and could not unlock the bolt
after I opened it. I see now that I have to push the bolt release forward.
I was only pushing it in. If it's a lot of trouble to do that I now know I
can install a replacement bolt release. Thanks again.
@ ... ( 3 years ago por the308capital)
@JUSTANOTHERDAY333333 10/22s are one of my favorite rifles.
I cant watch the ... ( 1 year ago por teppie3000)
I cant watch the video anymore.....Creepy Breather!!! You might want to
check for a heart condition??!
@load1up Both the ... ( 3 years ago por the308capital)
@load1up Both the mag release and auto bolt release are aftermarket
products. There will be more 10/22 vids in the future for sure.
its actually not ... ( 2 years ago por tractorman96)
its actually not alot of work, you dont have to completely disassemble the
trigger group to change it idk why he did though but its really easy
Hi, nice B/S free ... ( 2 years ago por BZHprepper)
Hi, nice B/S free vid. Thanks for the info.
@the308capital true ... ( 3 years ago por Dnuccio95ZJ)
@the308capital true that, just ordered this part, cant wait til it gets here
Thanks, glad it ... ( 2 years ago por the308capital)
Thanks, glad it helped.
i like the idea of ... ( 2 years ago por shannon auxier)
i like the idea of the extended mag release but it seems to me that it
would be easier for it to hung on something and cause the mag to fall if you slipped in the woods and it hit a branch or something and
if you didnt have the ext. mag you might overlook it and when it came time
to shoot,there wouldnt be anything in the gun to fire.but again that just
my thoughts and good video btw very helpful and good details
Is the mag release ... ( 3 years ago por load1up)
Is the mag release a factory one or a third party part ? Thanks. Nice job
on the video. Do you plan on doing any more 10/22 videos ?
I am happy to find ... ( 1 year ago por 71lhalili)
I am happy to find this video, I have the old 10/22 with flushed mag
release and with your instructions to replace it with the extended mag
release it made it so easy. I did not care for the auto bolt release and
kept that original. Thank you for the instruction on the extended mag
release replacement. Great video.
well done video. ... ( 3 years ago por TacticalGunGuy)
well done video. I've done both of those mods to my Tapco
Intrafuse-outfitted 10/22 and they are great.
Good video - very ... ( 2 years ago por Deacon Nyte)
Good video - very clear instructions --Helped me out
I have the old 10/ ... ( 4 months ago por Larry Magna)
I have the old 10/22 with flush mag release. Your instructions to replace
it with the extended mag release was easy and quick. Thank you.

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