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Comments on this video
What is this tune?? ... ( 2 years ago por nsiddy)
What is this tune??? I've been trying to figure it out for so long.
And...what a chef!! Pure Genius!!
The music make's it ... ( 2 years ago por Erick Tham)
The music make's it so epic. xD
thank you SO much ... ( 3 years ago por Ellie Byrne)
thank you SO much for uploading! just bought a squid and then thought oh
god - i don't have the recipe!
So perfect. ( 2 years ago por Tama Neko)
So perfect.
Shows what you know ... ( 1 year ago por TerribleTony)
Shows what you know, he is only one of the best chefs in the world!
he is half french ... ( 2 years ago por Cstewart678)
he is half french and half english i think, fuckin excellent regardless
you know... i love ... ( 1 year ago por PlateauEast)
you know... i love watching Michel Roux. I love his temperament and style,
but I really wish that these videos showed more about the steps in between.
Not that I'd be able, in my kitchen, to replicate these recipes but I think
that there's more to learn than what's shown in the video above.
Not familiar with ... ( 2 years ago por auspolk)
Not familiar with the concept of having multiple courses for dinner?
the wild rice looks ... ( 2 years ago por angelo agbayani)
the wild rice looks so cool
umm what happened ... ( 2 years ago por Julio-Cesar Florez Zaplana)
umm what happened to the mussels? why didnt he make them part of the
Not surprisingly ... ( 2 years ago por Sean Mapley)
Not surprisingly your from America who would have guessed lol.
this old man is a ... ( 2 years ago por Phillip Aman
this old man is a joke
i can really see ... ( 2 years ago por Slim Shaddy)
i can really see the passion in his eyes
whoa whoa whoa. Is ... ( 2 years ago por Douglas O)
whoa whoa whoa. Is that a male narrator on Masterchef?
why not just use a ... ( 2 years ago por spriggo786)
why not just use a wide piping bad chef?
It's to taste ... ( 2 years ago por Jonathan Cocker)
It's to taste flavours that you wouldn't otherwise and to experience the
ambience of the restaurant. If that dish is part of a seven course tasting
menu, for instance, you wouldn't want a large portion, otherwise you
wouldn't be able to enjoy the rest of your meal.
You get about 7 ... ( 2 years ago por flipp3d)
You get about 7 different courses.
Complaining that ... ( 2 years ago por beeble2003)
Complaining that this portion won't fill you is like complaining that the
Mona Lisa only covers four square feet of the wall. This is food for the
pleasure of eating, not food for filling your belly. And the three other
plates you want will come as different courses: you won't be hungry when
you leave.
i use a poche to ... ( 2 years ago por eliasmica)
i use a poche to fill the squids.i make the same as u.excellent.......
I would wrap the ... ( 1 year ago por Sinjin Kim)
I would wrap the squid in plastic wrap and use a sashimi knife to cut -
with one long stroke.
To make it look ... ( 2 years ago por ztrinx1)
To make it look more difficult ;)
The purpose of a ... ( 2 years ago por Jonathan Cocker)
The purpose of a restaurant isn't to make you feel full. Also, please let
me know where you can eat food like that for $20?
Looks good but I'd ... ( 1 year ago por Fastrin Delver)
Looks good but I'd love to see someone make a squid stuffed with scallop or
fish mousse.

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