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Chance-Vought F4U-4 Corsair (engine start - SENNHEISER ME67)

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Video posted in Youtube by: clone9cz - Contact him if you have any queries

Chance-Vought F4U-4 Corsair OE-EAS / BR-37 sn96995, Pratt & Whitney R 2800 CB-3, 2.100 HP (engine info Werner Huber) + French SkyRaider 12716/22-DC
Memorial Air Show 2003, Roudnice nad Labem (21.6.2003)
DVCam: Canon MV200i
Windshield: Rycote Softie
SW: Ulead Media Studio Pro, VirtualDub+Deshaker

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Comments on this video
@6x10x23 yea!! ( 5 years ago por MobileDjSC)
@6x10x23 yea!!
At first I thought ... ( 2 years ago por Joe Stocks)
At first I thought it was an Arkansas Razorback instead of a red bull. :(
Skyraiders used ... ( 1 year ago por machia0705)
Skyraiders used Wright radials and the F4U Pratt and Whitney radials , both
good powerplants, reliable and rugged.
don't think so ( 1 year ago por Riggro)
don't think so
@aeroguy86 I bet ... ( 2 years ago por tahoeskiier)
@aeroguy86 I bet that red bull plane is one of the best maintained corsairs
out there. Dont hate on red bull. They put a lot of money back into sports
@aeroguy86 red bull ... ( 4 years ago por Chris Lovell)
@aeroguy86 red bull recovered and restored this aircraft.. its only right
that they put red bull on the nose
thank you for ... ( 2 years ago por Dan shafer)
thank you for keeping these war birds flying, I don't care were the company
is based that funds these aircraft. this plane and a thousands like it
helped my country and many others remain free to this day.
@Sapper, That's a ... ( 2 years ago por Dennis Ryan)
@Sapper, That's a Chance Vought the OEM aircraft although Goodyear and
Brewster were builders of the Corsair as well.
@kirkconway your ... ( 4 years ago por ztwan19)
@kirkconway your damn right it will the f4u is the best it was faster could
carry more armament had a better k/d ratio and could take more battle
damage with its big radial engine not to mentin the huge advantage of bein
able to land on a carrier
@AndrewJuggalo951 ... ( 3 years ago por kblackav8or)
@AndrewJuggalo951 Guess you have never been to the Reno Air Races. IF it is
flying it can always be repainted and finding them flying is rare. I would
rather see it operational then not regardless of what color or scheme of
paint is on there. There is a lot more respect and appreciation when you
can see, hear and experience the aircraft then in some dark museum where it
can't be touched. You may no like it and I am not all that big on it either
but I can live with Red Bull doing what they do
@groovy67 ... ( 3 years ago por saba s)
@groovy67´s their plane, they can paint it pink if they want to
(would look shit but anyways haha) its only a small logo, you act like it
would go over the whole plane! but you could actually get yourself one of
these and paint it the way you want to ;)
i was with the the ... ( 5 years ago por aeroguy86)
i was with the the pilots as they where starting the aircraft i was there
as they did pre flight check and start up and no i am not an expert i was
giving you my opinion you called me out and i stood my ground as to what i
thought and i am currently in the prossess of getting my a&p setting all
that aside you flew cl-215? thats cool what was that like
@airsoftisawsome at ... ( 4 years ago por agcatdriver)
@airsoftisawsome at times, yes. Radials, especially big ones like the R2800
can be a bit cantankerous at times. Usually they're not that hard, but at
times, they need a little "finess"!! That's just all part of what makes a
round motor grand!!
Well the red bull ... ( 4 years ago por Doug Bolster)
Well the red bull logo may be ugly but they are the ones sponsoring this
great machine so it can keep flying... small price to pay.
those things dont ... ( 2 years ago por S13 240 coupe guy)
those things dont like being started cold do they?
@comcfi some of the ... ( 4 years ago por Mark Veits)
@comcfi some of the finest sounds ever created by man!!!
If only they didn't ... ( 1 year ago por pbmdh)
If only they didn't ruin the look of the plane by slapping that retarded
redbull sticker on it.
I have never seen a ... ( 1 year ago por atiboyful)
I have never seen a P-47 with folding wings? Were they ever flown off naval
carriers at some point?
10 minutes to start ... ( 1 year ago por CastelDawn)
10 minutes to start the damn thing ?
redbull..what a ... ( 1 year ago por CastelDawn)
redbull..what a shame to put that crap on such a bird
SWEET!! There's ... ( 1 year ago por WrathofWotan)
SWEET!! There's nothing finer than the gnarly growl of a big phatt Pratt!
+atiboyful - that was not a P-47 folding it's wings; it's a Douglas AD
Skyraider, which flew off carriers during Korean and Vietnam conflicts.
It was a very heavy-lifting ground attack aircraft - rumoured to be able
to heave it's own weight in ordnance off a carrier deck!
One of my favourite ... ( 1 year ago por NuguSmedley)
One of my favourite sounds in the world, by far, is the sound of a radial
engine starting up :) Lovely vid.
Billt460, he is ... ( 2 months ago por Ravennator)
Billt460, he is starting it on prime and the engines catches and doesn't.
Its a fine dance with air to fuel mixture. Once it finally get the right
amount, it starts. Notice he did a small run up to see if it wanted to play
before he taxi'd out. R-2800, a sweet sound...

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