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Arsenal - Bully Talk - Arsenal 2 v Swansea 0 -

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Comments on this video
"You're made of 75% ... ( 1 year ago por sitstandnow)
"You're made of 75% water anyway so what's the difference" Legendary.
Give Bully a ... ( 1 year ago por Adnan Abdullahi)
Give Bully a knighthood already.
Loooool recall ( 1 year ago por D Clarke)
Loooool recall
legend ( 1 year ago por DTM33)
@Tony Semkov then ... ( 1 year ago por AlboSG)
@Tony Semkov then well have 4/5 lw's
I like this guy he ... ( 1 year ago por DeadlyTactics)
I like this guy he talks really well about arsenal, I'd love to no what he
dose for a living and also how he can afford to travel to every game home
and away.
Because of the coach ( 1 year ago por MLGBrownCat)
Because of the coach
Bully change the ... ( 1 year ago por Tom Le Nguyen)
Bully change the jacket!
In Bully We Trust ! ( 1 year ago por Tony Semkov)
In Bully We Trust !
Im glad some people ... ( 1 year ago por Avant Garde)
Im glad some people are finally realising Ramsey will work his ass for
Arsenal. The guy is a workhorse and he can see a pass.
0 dislikes that ... ( 1 year ago por NaydHD)
0 dislikes that just proves this guy is a legend!
How dies this guy ... ( 1 year ago por MrOmar270)
How dies this guy afford to go to every match..Do the fans pay for him..
bully should be our ... ( 1 year ago por hassan ali)
bully should be our manager !!!
BULLYYY ( 1 year ago por Kratos)
Bully is the man I ... ( 1 year ago por Daniel Pugh)
Bully is the man I always see him at every game i go too. He has deep
pockets to afford to go all these games.
its actually around ... ( 1 year ago por joenike55)
its actually around 60-65% but I get what he means
Array ( 1 year ago por NaydHD)
bully <3
i am wondering if u ... ( 1 year ago por Tony Semkov)
i am wondering if u get to talk to bully again can you ask what does he
think of that what if Wenger puts Gibbs at LW he has got the pace the cross
and can help in defense so i think he can do very well there !
Ledge ( 1 year ago por Sam)
was worth the 4.5hr ... ( 1 year ago por Danny Jackson)
was worth the 4.5hr trip from manchester to come to this game! sketchy
first half , but the team came out second half and bossed it ! :)
lol, i sat next to ... ( 1 year ago por krazyolie)
lol, i sat next to this guy once. legend
The findus lasagne ... ( 1 year ago por Andrew B)
The findus lasagne joke :,)
actually he earns £ ... ( 1 year ago por Hamza Kalinle)
actually he earns £7.5million a year.

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